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How long will it take for customer service to respond?
Can I cancel or change my order after it has been placed?
I'm seeing tax on my order, is this correct?
Can I use multiple discount codes?
Why isn't my discount code working?
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Is my credit information stored safely?
How is the information I give to Phoenix Active used?
How do I view my order status?
Do you ship internationally?
Where is my refund?
How long do orders take to ship?
My tracking information says my package was delivered buy I never received it.
How can I track an order I have placed?
What is my size?
What is the best way to wash my Phoenix Active gear?
What's the best way to find out about restocked items?
What are "slightly worn" products?
Can I return an item I purchased on clearance?
Do you sell gift cards?
Why do you not sell physical gift cards?
Do gift codes expire?
What are your sustainability practices?
Do you have clothing that contains recycled or recyclable materials?
Is Phoenix Active hiring?
How do I opt out of receiving marketing communications?
I'm interested in becoming an ambassador for Phoenix Active.